Most Cost Effective Product on the Market
  • Most Cost Effective Product on the Market
  • 20 Year Proven Track Record
  • Used by Many of Americas Top Riders
  • Easily Accommodates Diverse Riding Types and Styles
A mixture of nylon, rubber, foam, and fiber designed
to reduce compaction,
promote water retention,
and help bind sand together.
In recent years, millions of dollars have been spent on developing new and better running shoes. The advances in material design have led to light weight, highly durable shoes that greatly reduce the jarring forces we all experience when engaged in sports. These new materials have let many athletes run farther, jump higher, and play longer. And now, these same high tech materials are available for use in your arena.

AIRFOOT is made by grinding defective athletic shoes into a specific blend so they can be mixed into your existing footing or added to new footing. AIRFOOT is a blend that uses the entire shoem so is primarily rubber with some fibers.

AIRFOOT works to improve your footing at several levels. Concussion reduction is accomplished in two ways. The rubber and fiber particles themselves provide a degree of cushion, but the real value comes from Bridging which is the result of AIRFOOT particles creating millions of tiny air pockets in your footing. As your horse travels over these bridges, the air is forced out, and they gently collapse. As you ride you will not actually feel the bridges collapse. You will, however, feel what is commonly referred to as "cush."

AIRFOOT provides another very important characteristic - after it has been compressed by the horses hoof it rebounds in a upward motion. This creates a unique "springiness." The combination of these two factors (cush and springiness) create a truly exceptional riding surface.